August 29, 2004


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Last Wednesday night was the opening of the Foundation Day celebration at Silliman University. I went to the opening of booths at one of the soccer fields with my friends, Daphnie and Ethel, and my cousin, Chary. Later that night, we went to the Boulevard, which isn't very far from my school where there was a Food and Beer Festival. They had a kick-ass band from Iloilo that was really, really good.

Last night we went to the booth festival at SU again. FYI, the booth area is filled with quite a number of native booths where people sell food and any kind of stuff. Anyways, every night there are programs at the booth area, and last night was a dance contest and a fashion show, to be preceded by a band. We got to watch the "fashion show" and it was, erm... amusing. After that, we left the booth area to go to the boulevard, but on the way, we got distracted by people preparing fireworks. It turned out there was a fireworks display at 10:00 pm. Since it was about 15 mins. before 10:00, we decided to stay about 50 meters from where the fireworks were, and waited to watch. When they were lighted, waaaaaaaaaa!!! It was ok at first, but soon, we got scared because they didn't get too high and they were exploding right over our heads. Yikes!

After that, we went to the boulevard for the Food and Beer festival, just when the band that was playing was just finishing. They weren't very good, not like the other band we witnessed, and as some people said, not unlike the band from Cebu the previous night. After the band got off the stage, another band took over, and they played techno-tribal music. Yikes! That was sooo fun... NOT!!!

The night went really worst for me, however, because my eyelids started getting puffy. In other words, I got allergies, goodness knows from what! It could have been the fish that I ate for the first time that lunch, but I thought it was because of the tree that we were sitting under last night. Oh my, they got so puffy and red like I've never seen them before, so we went home. Before, when I was growing up, my eyelids would get puffy sometimes (but never as puffy as last night), and I thought I was over that. My symptoms had changed to just sneezing. Gahhh!!! OMG, I hate this fuckin' allergy! Until now, my eyelids are still sorta puffy... *cry cry*


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