September 24, 2004


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I can't believe I haven't written an entry about the two-hour finale of The Amazing Race 5. I sux. Anyways, here goes. If you haven't seen it and are still planning to watch, don't read...

The star of The Amazing Race 5's Philippine leg

Whoooo. El Nido is the most beautiful place I've seen on TAR, ever. (Forgive me if I'm biased, hehehe.) I really, really wanna go there. >.< Palawan has always been the place in the Philippines that I really wanted to visit (aside from Bohol), and my is it pretty! I reckon it's even prettier than Boracay in a sense, because of all those rocky islands.

That was sad that they didn't know how the flag of the Philippines looks like. But I guess it's natural, after all we are just a teeny archipelago in the Pacific... ;.;

Colin was amazing on Lagen Wall! I know his attitudes pretty much suck, but in fairness to him, he is really hot and totally in shape. Oh by the way, did you know that he proposed to Christy at a tv show in the US after the finale was shown? I dare say, they deserve each other, really. ^^;

I was so happy that Brandon and Nicole won that leg in Palawan. At least they got a vacation to the Caribbean. It's not fair that Colin and Christy practically got all of the other prizes! :P~ Anyways, who was that woman who put on the lei (was that made of seaweed) on the the contestants. OMG, how she said "Mabuhay, welcome to Palawan!" was so... ugggh!

On the Airport in Calgary, I kept speculating that maybe CBS might have removed some people from the plane to give seats to the other contestants. If I remember correctly, the woman on the counter said something like, They're getting people off the plane to give you seats." Hmmmm. If Brandon and Nicole, Colin and Christy hadn't made it on that flight to Denver, it would have been very obvious right then and there who was gonna win. However, it didn't matter anyway, because the moment they arrived Dallas, it got really obvious that Chip and Kim were gonna win, no matter how "thrilling" CBS tried to make it. Hmmm. I've always had nothing for or against Chip and Kim. Don't like them, don't not like them, so I guess I wasn't pretty excited about them winning. I was a little suprised though about Chip's lying and scheming near the end of the race. It made TAR look like Survivor. >.< I was rooting for Brandon and Nicole, but ever since the beginning of that last leg, it was obvious they really won't be able to do it. However, the couples' speeches at the end made me cry though. *sniff*

And, I can't wait for Season 6 to begin! It's a good thing I only have to wait for just about a week. Heheh.

On another hand, I've started taking piano lessons. My teacher is the organist of another choir at my church. It's ok, aside from the fact that he teaches really fast. And then there's also the fact that I really don't have the passion for this... >.<

I invited close friends in High School to come over to my house tomorrow and just hang out and catch up. I'm looking forward to that.

Mabuhay - Filipino greeting, literally means
"long live" but also used to welcome visitors and in well-wishing


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