October 3, 2006

PhilNITS and more

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I was in Cebu over the weekend. I was there with some schoolmates and our teacher to take the PhilNITS certification examination on the Fundamentals of IT last Sunday. The PhilNITS exam isn't a licensure exam. It's just a certification, known before as the JITSE, or the Japan IT Standards Examination. It's basically a Japanese examination, that's administered to IT people in foreign countries, or maybe in Japan as well. Anyway, we weren't prepared for that exam at all, as we were not planning to take it. However, the guys at PhilNITS gave Silliman 15 free slots, so that we didn't have to pay the Php1,500 fee. Of course we grabbed this opportunity, and the opportunity to go to Cebu once again. (We had also gone to Cebu just a month ago for the Java in Cebu Seminar.)

The exam was not as difficult as expected. We actually thought that we wouldn't be able to answer a single question. But the theoretical exam during the morning session was not so bad. If we had only reviewed properly, I believe it would have been a sure thing. The programming exam for the afternoon was the difficult one. Anyway, whatever the outcome of that exam will be, I'll just have to charge it to experience.

It was the perfect time to be in Cebu, though. SM had a 3-day sale over the weekend! Almost all shops were shops were giving up to 70% discount! I was able to get myself a Girbaud bag, and lipstick that I can't find here in Dumaguete. That's not a lot, but I guess I'm starting to become practical. I can hardly wait for the time when I'll be spending my own money. And speaking of my own money, working in Cebu is starting to appeal to me more and more these days...


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