October 19, 2009

Farewell, Stephen...

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Stephen Gately
17 March 1976 - 10 October 2009

I grew up during the era of the boy bands. Take That, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Ultra, Caught in the Act... there was a ton of them. But I only had one favorite--Boyzone.

We all know teenage girls have their obsessions. Mine was Boyzone. I literally adored them. I loved their songs even though I knew some of them were really not that special. I'd defend them against the fans of their biggest rival, the Backstreet Boys. I got devastated when some of them got married. And I was an official member of their official fan club. That's how big of a fan I was.

Last week, Stephen Gately, one of the members of Boyzone, passed away while on holiday in Mallorca. He was only 33 years old.

I am no longer a screaming adolescent who obsesses over boybands, but I was still affected by his death. Boyzone will always remind me of my growing-up days, and their songs will always be meaningful to me. They bring back memories of friends and innocent days gone by.

Boyzone was going to have a World Tour next year. There was a very big chance that they would have come to the Philippines considering their fan base here. I wanted to see that; to pay tribute to this boyband who had such an impact in my life. With Steve's death, that tour may never happen--and that, I have to admit, is the saddest part for me.


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