October 23, 2004

Once In A Lifetime

Saturday, October 23, 2004 Posted by Mary , No comments
I feel very, very, very rotten. :( I missed a once in a lifetime event. I wasn't able to go to SPUD's Alumni Homecoming. It was today/tonight/probably still going on right this very minute, and I didn't care so much before, I thought I didn't feel the need to go, but now I am extremely disappointed that I'm not there. :'(

My mom really wanted to go (she is also an alumna) but she didn't explicitly tell me that she really wanted to be there. So I didn't care, and then I assumed it would not be today, but in one of the following days. Early this afternoon, we learned from some friends that it was indeed today, but we had no choice but not to go, since we had to sing for a mass at 5:30. After the mass, we passed by SPUD going home, and oh my God, that's when we realized what we missed and what fools we were for not going to the CENTENNIAL homecoming. All the lights in the campus were lighted, and there were soooooo many cars, you could feel just by looking at them parked from here to there, outside and inside the campus, that it was a very, very special event. The Mother Superior from Rome was probably there! Paulinians from all over the world probably came home to join this event. And I, who live not 200 meters from the campus, missed it. What a shame!

I could just kick myself. I should have been more vigilant. I should have realized beforehand that I needed to be at this occasion; for SPUD is my beloved. I gave so much to her, and she gave so much to me. I will never feel for my current school (Silliman University) even just a fraction of what I feel for St. Paul's--that I know.

Oh my. I am extremely, extremely disappointed.


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