October 10, 2004


Sunday, October 10, 2004 Posted by Mary No comments
Wow, that week-end just passed by without me noticing it! That's weird. Maybe it's because with my life now (no school and all) every day feels like a week-end! Ehehehe.

Oooh, my cousins and I are practicing an ethnic/folk dance 'coz our choir was asked to perform a number at a fund raiser at the church. Yeah, we sing and dance, yeah! :P~ Heheheh. We chose a Muslim nail dance ('coz the costumes are funky) and it's called Janggay. It has these really funky feet movements (you have to move sideways without lifting your feet off the floor) that's quite challenging. But, we're gonna put aluminum wrap on our fingers to make long, curled fingernails, so I like that part. ^^;

Janggay - brass nails (in a Mindanaoan dialect, I presume)


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