March 16, 2013

(Almost) Dream Car

Saturday, March 16, 2013 Posted by Mary , No comments

I've always wanted to own a sedan. To me, they look so chic and sophisticated. But of course, my parents never wanted one, so we never had one in the Philippines. They were either too small, too low, too long, too impractical... so I drove an efficient hatchback, and then a big-ass SUV. Fast forward to small town Canada, I found myself in need of a vehicle.

Owning a sedan has always been big on my list. Back home, that is. It's even on my bucket list. So you'd think it'd be my first choice of vehicle in this new search. Actually, not anymore. In Canada, Alberta especially, people love to drive big vehicles--big SUVs, big trucks, you get the picture. So if you drive a not-so-big vehicle, you seem to be at a disadvantage.

Now since my husband and I are just starting out, we found that we could not afford another SUV (he already has one), not to mention a truck. The Hyundai Tucson, a dream of mine for the past few years, was just a little bit out of our financial reach, so we looked at sedans. My first choice was the Chevrolet Cruze, mainly because of its 5-star safety rating and on*, the amazing communications technology that is available on all vehicles made by General Motors. But the more I looked at the Cruze pictures online, I realized that the body on this car was not my type. Then, I remembered the Hyundai Elantra.

I almost smacked myself on the head. Why did I almost forget about the Elantra? When I looked it up online, the decision was immediately made. Sleek, fuel-efficient, 5-star safety rated, multi-awarded, and with sexy curves all over, this was the car for me. Two days later, I drive one home, and it's a dream. In fact, even if it's not classified as a luxury vehicle, it's amazing. It's almost my dream car. If it had navigation (like the limited edition) and a rear camera, it certainly would be. Of course, there's the slight issue of having to pay for it for the next eight years, but I think it's worth it. And yes, with this purchase, I can finally cross out one more item in my bucket list: own a sedan.


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