April 30, 2010

Make Me Understand

Friday, April 30, 2010 Posted by Mary , 5 comments
A lot of people are supporting Noynoy Aquino for Philippine President in the upcoming May 10 elections. Among them are a lot of friends; people I respect and look up to. But for the life of me, I really cannot understand why such intelligent people would want to vote for Noynoy.

Can someone please tell me why? Make me understand why Noynoy would make a good president. I seriously would like to know the answer.


  1. Hahaha, someone should read the news about Noynoy's flops in the congress, senate, and supreme court. That guy clearly doesn't read the constitution. He fought for a town to become a city when the town did not reach its requirements under the constitution to be promoted as a city. He fought for it in congress, then brought it up to senate, then to supreme court... only to find himself wrong, because the supreme court ruled it out as "unconstitutional." Lol... and the sad thing is, it did not happen only once, it happened twice. Come on people, we can't have a president who'll make a mistake such as this. People are not perfect, I know, but if something like this happens when he is president... Think about it .

  2. the same question goes to the rest of the candidates.

    why would noynoy make a good president?
    why would gibo make a good president?
    why would villar make a good president?
    why would gordon make a good president?
    why would erap make a good president?

    in all honesty, wala'y mapili.

  3. i have to agree with kat.
    AND this makes a good topic for a post! (ROFL)

  4. "in all honesty, wala'y mapili."

    I have a choice. I heard their debates, their speeches in rallies, and it was enough for me to make a choice. I actually even read Noy2x's Bio, and that's where i found he got shot 5 times during the 1987 kudeta which was led by Gringo Honasan. I used to not care about Philippine politics saying "walay mapili" then I changed that kind of thinking because of the fact they actually have more achievements than me and have more capability to lead. If I ask myself if I can be a leader, I can't. But if I have to make a choice for someone to lead my country, then why not? So I made a choice.

  5. by the way, if i offended anyone with this entry, i apologize...