December 9, 2008

My Wishlist

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If there's one thing I know I believe in, it's that material things can never truly make a person happy. But despite that, it's still fun to think about things you want to have. So I thought I'd make a wishlist to keep track of the things I supposedly want, and update it once in a while, just to see if I still want the same things as time goes by.

So, here it goes...
  1. Happy moments with the people--and person--I love (not material, but is always at the top of my wish list)
  2. Roses... a poem, a letter, a DIY item or a puppy from someone special
  3. Lifetime gym membership
  4. Workout gear (clothes and shoes and gloves)
  5. Lee tops and Mango shorts
  6. Perfumes 
  7. Unlimited supply of Nesvita Pro-Digestion and Del Monte Fit 'n Right 
  8. Organic, fiber-rich granola bars
  9. Sony Vaio notebook Powerful desktop PC with LCD monitor and a top-of-the-line graphics card
  10. 2009 2010 Honda Civic sedan
  11. The Others by David Wind book
  12. Sony Cybershot DSC-W300 (purchased by my dad on Dec. 15, 2008, yippee)
  13. Blow dryer
  14. Tickets and accommodation for two to Santorini (ohohoho!)
  15. Two years paid Flickr account (got a paid account now, but too occupied to actually use it)
  16. Beach-side lot near Dumaguete
  17. Knee-length boots
  18. Scholarship to Europe
  19. Hosting with more bandwidth for my website
  20. Orange Blue Diamond Kia Picanto or a hot pink Suzuki Celerio
  21. Swimming pool in our yard
  22. Mitsubishi Strada
  23. House and lot at El Pueblo Genovivo Sto. Rosario Heights
  24. $1000 in my PayPal account
  25. TOEFL reviewer (done taking the TOEFL)
  26. Nintendo Wii console
  27. Passport to Europe (Samantha Brown style)
  28. Salary raise
  29. Slacks for work
  30. Lifetime membership to
  31. Tickets to watch Oprah live with my BFFs
  32. Wireless router
  33. Unabridged Pillars of the Earth audio book
  34. Fish and plants for my aquarium (purchased on Dec. 10, 2008, haha)
  35. Rose quartz and Aventurine crystals (have I passed my "crystals" phase?)
  36. Free gas
  37. Sony Ericsson G705 mobile phone (realized I like my current phone better)
  38. BlackBerry Bold
  39. Score of 700+ on the GMAT
  40. Wireless telephone
  41. Book about crystal healing
  42. 40" Sony Bravia tv (got a 37" Samsung Full HD tv and home theater system)
  43. Laser pointer pen
  44. Sony Reader digital book
  45. Money for our Bali trip a trip to Hong Kong/Macau
  46. Shoes, shoes and more shoes
  47. Coach Guess bag and wallet

...and that's all I can think of for now. Not much, eh? If you want to give me any of those, by all means, go ahead. ;)


No, scratch that. I only really need items #1, 2... and... 6! LOL.


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