December 6, 2008

Oh, Well

Saturday, December 06, 2008 Posted by Mary No comments
It looks like I'm blogging again.

I am embarrassed by my inconsistency, but what can I do? Life and blogging have ways to be funny. If you're doing so many things, you can't blog because you're too busy. If you're not doing much, you can't blog because you have nothing to blog about. It's strange, but time and time again I'm surprised by how I always keep coming back to LJ. I checked my archive and saw that LJ has been chronicling my life since 2003--and that is amazing. It looks like it's this particular blog that will be able to tell my life story, except it skipped some...

For the past two years, I haven't been blogging much, and it's during this time that I've had the chance to meet some people who have made so much impact in my life--my Persian friends. For those who do not know, they are here in my city to study. And since they are only here to study, they  will be leaving soon. In fact, some have left already. And though some are still here, most are graduating. So because of busy schedules, we don't get to gather as often as before.

Now what am I getting at, you might ask.

While I was browsing my old entries earlier, I was deeply grateful because I have this blog that can help me reminisce so many wonderful memories. With my Persian friends however, and the past two years of my life for that matter, it looks like I'll have to do my best to keep memories of them on my own.


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