August 5, 2010

On Eagles' Wings

Thursday, August 05, 2010 Posted by Mary 3 comments

The theme for Silliman University's Founder's Day celebration this year is "Silliman @ 109: Raised on Eagles' Wings." And for the past two semesters, all I've been hearing about in sermons during university Christian convocations is the grace of eagles while soaring above the wind.

What does it mean then, to be raised on eagles' wings?

The eagle is one of the strongest birds in the world, and it is able to glide for hours at a time. When it flies, it doesn't flap its wings wildly. Instead, it waits patiently for the wind to come and glides with it as soon as it arrives. Thus, by just spreading its wings and riding the wind, it is able to maintain its strength. Because an eagle soars above the wind, it is able to evade storms beneath.

God is the wind, and when He raises us on eagles' wings, we are able to soar above life's problems. In order to be like the eagle, we need to wait for God's timing--the right wind.

I've never really been good at waiting. I've been very good at prematurely flapping my wings and fighting. This is why certain things in my life do not work out, and it is what I need to stop doing. I need to let go of all control, learn how to wait, and learn how to glide with the wind.

So please, God... help me keep still.


  1. This reminds me of the song "Power of Love." I used to always sing this song.

    I like this post it's humbling.

    God bless you Floo.

  2. Thank you, dear. And just less than 24 hours after this entry, I already want to flap my wings again! Huh, go figure.

  3. Very important to mention patience. As patience is always fruitful.