August 1, 2010

Bohol Bee Farm

Sunday, August 01, 2010 Posted by Mary , , , 3 comments
After living for 26 years on the island next to it, I was finally able to visit Bohol last weekend.

I'm crazy, I know. Bohol is an amazing tourist destination, but since it's just less than 2 hours away by fast ferry from Dumaguete, I guess I took it for granted. If not for my boss's wedding, I probably would not have made it there yet. But visit the island I did, and even though I was not able to see most of the touristy places, I loved it. Along with Siquijor, it has quickly become one of my favorite destinations in the Philippines.

One of the sites we visited on the island was the Bohol Bee Farm. Before getting there, I was unaware this place even existed. Thankfully, my colleague's husband took us there, and I fell in love with it immediately.

Bohol Bee Farm is a farm cum resort tucked away in the town of Dauis on Panglao Island (a beautiful, tiny island near Bohol's capital, Tagbilaran) and it is a place you must not miss. When we got there, a tour guide immediately showed us around the place to tell us about their bees and organic farming.

Exploring the farm
The bees--yes, you can get close to them. Apparently, they only sting during the rainy season when they cannot find flowers to pollinate and are hungry

The main concept of the farm is to offer an alternative way of relaxation and enjoyment. When other resorts give you modern luxuries, Bohol Bee Farm takes you back to the basics--nature and fresh, healthy food.

The Cave Restaurant--named as such because it is nestled beside a cave
Aside from providing accommodations and good food, Bohol Bee Farm also has livelihood activities. They make all kinds of handicrafts, from bags, to slippers, hats, fans, cloths, and even paintings!

Making slippers
A woman on a traditional weaving machine
A painting
I've read a lot of bloggers raving about the food from Bohol Bee Farm. We went there in the afternoon, so we were not able to experience a full meal. But we did have their ice cream. The Buzzz Ice Cream--boy, was it lovely! It was definitely the best thing about that visit. They have these interesting flavors: malunggay, pandan, langka, avocado, buko, durian, spicy ginger, mango... I tried the malunggay and spicy ginger flavors and they were sooo good! I'm actually quite picky with ice cream. I only ever enjoy the Philippine Nestlé ice cream (uhhuh, no Selecta, Häagen-Dazs, or Baskin Robbins for me--although I would love to try Ben & Jerry's), but I loved The Buzzz ice cream!

Malunggay and spicy ginger ice cream on a cone made of cassava (called cab-cab, which was also incredible in itself)
The menu
We did not have enough time to spend at Bohol Bee Farm, but I'm so looking forward to going back and being able to actually have the experience of trying out their organic dishes. Good thing they have the Buzzz Cafe that sells goodies from the farm to take home to your family and friends. I love bringing home some pasalubong so the place was heaven for me! They had all kinds of honey, tea, and homemade spreads. I found pesto spread in that shop which got me totally excited. I love pesto so much and I've never seen anything like it before, so I was a happy girl leaving that farm!

All kinds of tea and homemade spreads at the Buzzz Cafe
Needless to say, I'd recommend Bohol Bee Farm to anyone who plans to visit Bohol. It really is quite an interesting place, and I'm looking forward to going back there--hopefully soon!


  1. Did you get to buy any honey? or Bee products? like Beeswax with honey scent :D

  2. lami jud ilang icecream tinuod. wala mo nangaon og flower petals pag adto ninyo? hahaha... weirdan jud ko mokaon og flower petals.

  3. Unfortunately, wala mi kakaon ug flower petals that time. But I'm going back there this April; looking forward to trying out more of their amazing food!