February 9, 2009

Dumaguete, Battered

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What I thought as harmless rain last Saturday was apparently not very harmless after all. For the first time ever, my hometown had a major flood. It was not only felt in some of the areas of the city, but in surrounding towns as well. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, five people died in my province because of flood and landslides. The situation was caused by a low pressure area in Mindanao.

Something as big as this has never happened in Dumaguete before. In some villages, the water was waist-deep. In areas near rivers, it was supposedly even higher. Nothing bad happened in my area, but we did lose water supply for a few hours yesterday. Some pipes were probably damaged.

A photo taken by a friend of a vehicle in the flood.

Thankfully, the waters have subsided and everything is dry now. Apart from the river banks, you wouldn't see any indication that the city was just hit by a flood, and life goes on.


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