February 26, 2009

Under the Weather

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I'm still sick. It's been 4 days already. It's technically just colds, but I have a hard time coping up with it. I feel tired, I can't smell anything, and my nose is clogged up all the time. At night I even feel chills. I'm not sure if this is what everyone feels if they have colds, or if it's just me because of my allergies aggravating everything.

I'm trying to drink lots of water, but what  I'm really finding helpful is taking in a lot of hot, spicy soup. You know how they say chicken soup is good for you when you're sick--it's really true! I'm not taking synthetic medicines, but my mom told me to take a couple of herbal supplements from Forever Living. My mom swears by their products, but they are a little bit expensive. I don't know if they are more or less effective than synthetic cold medicines, but at least I know they are good for me. I'm tempted to take antibiotics, but maybe that's unnecessary.

I tried to look for a fast cure of colds on the world wide web, but that doesn't seem to exist. I did find good advice on one forum, though:
Some of the problems when having colds are the package that it brings. Running Nose is one. Let it drip. In the first two days, its a clear liquid dripping anyway.

Second is headache. This may sometimes due to inflammed sinuses.

Third is malaise or in layman's term, body pains. This thing would really ruin your performance especially at work.

When your immune system is really fighting a tough colds virus, your body has sometimes the tendency to raise its temperature. One of our body's defense procedure against virus and bacterial attacks. When this happen, we end up having some fever.

Sometimes, if not often, colds end up as cough. The later is a different story and more threatening than colds itself. So don't let your colds turn you into much like of your neighbor's dog that barks all night long.

Water therapy. That helps a lot. I usually go for 1 liter every hour. Rest. Sometimes, we acquire colds virus because our immune system is low or weak. Cause of this? Many. But one major catalyst is stress.

Best medicine to relieve you of these... consult your doctor. Over the counter medicine is just fine but better if that would really come from a person who really knows about your health.


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