July 31, 2010

Time to Go

Saturday, July 31, 2010 Posted by Mary , 1 comment

I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. But at the same time, I feel a little bit sad, too. What's going on, you might ask.

Last year, I was elected as the president of the Graduate Students Organization (GSO) in my university. Because I'm a full time student and part-time teacher, I really did not need this position to further clutter my already cluttered schedule. But I didn't have a choice. Apparently, it was my boss's idea (the former president) to nominate me... and that's how I got elected. I must admit, I was thrilled. All my life, I've always been a student leader. It's hard work, but organizing events and making things happen--I love it! I guess I just love being in control, haha.

Leading graduate students was extra challenging. My members were highly esteemed people: educators, lawyers, accountants, and even priests! I had to perform. And since almost all members were working and studying at the same time, it was hard to gather them. I was busy, my officers were busy... it was frustrating at times. Leading up to tonight's activity, which was the last I would organize, I couldn't wait to pass the torch on to the next president.

And finally, that is done. We elected and inducted new officers tonight, which is why I feel as if this weight has been lifted off my shoulders. But like I said, I am a bit sad, too. It was an honor being the president of GSO, and I will miss the experience. If I weren't so darn busy, I'd do it again, too. But no, no. Once is enough. I am just thankful to have had the experience of heading such a wonderful group of people. And the best thing? I get to add it to my resume. ;)

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