July 14, 2010

Because A Girl Can Dream

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Posted by Mary , 8 comments
This is my parents' fault. They bought a piece of land for me in a subdivision in this neat part of town... so of course, what is there for me to do but dream about building a house?

Yes, I want a house. I'm 26, single, only working part-time (still studying Masters), and I cannot even afford to rent a house--much less build one, but I want a two-storey house complete with a two-car garage, 4 bedrooms, and 3 toilets + 1 bath.

I want the house to be all white in a somewhat modern Pueblo Revival style. Something like this:

I pretty much want everything to be simple, but since I love cooking, the kitchen has to be super pretty!

The second floor is gonna have a terrace, and that's where 3 of the 4 rooms are going to be. There's going to be a lounge area to do fun stuff in, and I'd need a library for all my books! Of course, most of the perks should be in the master's bedroom, so it has to have a bath and a huge walk-in closet!

It's crazy because I already have the entire floor plan mapped in my head. But with the job I have now, there is just no way I can pull this off without a loan or without my parents' help. I know it's impossible at the moment, but I'm kinda grateful I have this fixation of having a house of my own. Weird as it may sound, I've never wanted to achieve or acquire anything for myself in the past, so I think this is a good sign. At least it's something that can occupy my mind, so I don't keep thinking about, uh... other things. Hehehe.


  1. I love your house...

    I want one. Brb I gu mek a dollhouse :( I'm so pathetic :(

    I will call your dog Duchess regardless of whatever his/her/its name will be.


  2. Oh God, no. I will call my dog Hotdog. Yes, I can see it already--a German Shepherd named Hotdog. Hahaha. Poor thing. Chada na unta ug breed, gi-daut pud sa ngalan. LOL.

  3. No storage for the chickens?

  4. What chickens?! Hehehe.

  5. love your house! hehe. don't worry. i'm sure if you want it enough, you can achieve it. knock on wood. :D

  6. @Aleah: I know, right? I believe in that, too. :)

  7. Hey, Milo said, "great things start from small beginnings" :) Hehehe. Those photos are gorgeous by the way! Esp the closet!! :)

  8. True, that. And I wish I could take credit for the photos, but I just grabbed them somewhere, LOL. :P

    Thanks for dropping by!