July 3, 2010

Jutsz Café

Saturday, July 03, 2010 Posted by Mary , , , 7 comments
One good thing about Dumaguete is that it just teems with places where you can eat. For a relatively small city, it has so many restaurants it seems the only thing people do here is indulge in food! A quaint restaurant that I've recently learned to love is Jutsz Café in Sta. Catalina street (right in front of another restaurant, Food Net). It was formerly known as Boston Café and is an unassuming little place that serves wonderful food at a good price.

In my opinion, Jutsz Café has the best pasta in town, my favorite of which is the Clam Vongole, a sumptuous dish of spaghetti and clams. It's the reason why I keep going back! Their Chicken Milanese is quite delicious, too, and very affordable. Their shakes are super creamy, and they have this chocolate cake, Cake or Death, that is simply to die for!

Owned by an artist and a favorite hangout of Dumaguete's literati, Jutsz Café's ambiance is very artistic. Paintings hang on the wall, and pictures of the city are displayed in one area.

The restaurant is definitely a worthwhile stop for Dumagueteños and visitors alike. A lot of people have yet to explore it, that's why I was encouraged to blog about it. It's unlike other restaurants in the area because of its personality. Outside, at night, you can even enjoy a candle-lit dinner under a cute little tree. Now, isn't that just interesting?

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  1. nice Flo :D who's the artist owner of this place?
    I was amused by the chocolate cake called Cake or Death. Since you say it is to die for, then if you die for the cake, you choose both Cake and Death.
    right? right? right? lol.

  2. This place is awesome. My rating is 4.5/5 and that's a generous rate since I don't take risks in eating foods that are new to me.

  3. @lainelang: right! right! hehehe. i think the owner of the place is someone named Jutsz Pamate? not sure of his name, tho. someone just told me, i dunno him personally

    @YoursTruly: uhhuh uhhuh :)

  4. I haven't tried Don Henrico's. Where did you try it?

    I wish we had The Old Spaghetti Factory here! Their pasta look soo good!

  5. I can't wait for Vongole!

  6. do they have vegetarian (no red or white meat, seafood, egg, and animal byproducts except milk or cream) options, and would you know other places in dumaguete that serve vegetarian food?

    the last time i went there was in 2008 and i ate at this crappy persian place near silliman, also fronting the bay.

  7. Hrm, Jutsz has salads... but that is all for vegetarian options, I believe. Some of the places at the boulevard have better options (like Casablanca), but then again, you'd probably have to ask them to remove the meats from your order. Most restaurants here have vegetable offerings on the menu, but I have yet to see a dedicated vegetarian restaurant, or at least one with a lot of purely vegetarian options in Dumaguete.